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A perfectly wonderful awful idea

They were a pack of Alphas and that worked for them. As Genesis though he will never have someone to stand by his side no matter. He is finally given a sign that there is someone out there for him. Business was booming for Cloud with his Strife Delivery Service and he was content to spend the rest of his days with this small business of his.

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At least until he received a peculiar order All Cloud wanted was to wait out his enlistment and move on with his life—to put ShinRa behind him. If he got to piss off some of their personnel in the meantime, great. Out of everything Cloud could have anticipated happening, the return of his lover he believed to be dead was not one of them.

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They both have ghosts in their closets that they have to deal with, but is it possible to move on after everything that happened? Cloud takes a request in the farm-town of Banora but the monster he's sent after is nothing like he was expecting.

Sephiroth/Cloud/Genesis FLESH CMV (Vampire AU)

Competition is fierce but he knows that all he needs to start his own business is one high profile customer from Shinra and the rest of Midgarian society will follow. Genesis Cloud has some of the largest and most efficient GPU data centers in the world.


By fusing these data centers with modern infrastructure for accelerated cloud computing, we can offer highly cost efficient and reliable services for machine learning, visual effects rendering, big data analytics, storage, and cognitive computing. Our customers benefit from our long lasting history in GPU hardware accelerated computing, cloud infrastructure and efficient operations.

Our motivation is rooted in a passionate and highly service-oriented philosophy to offer our clients high-performance at the best possible price.

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  5. As Software Development Lead you are eager to stay on top of modern software architectures, frameworks and best practices. You will actively teach and mentor during pair programming and code reviews. We rely on your guidance and feedback when it comes to software design decisions. You will have a direct impact in building our public cloud plus the hosted services and keeping the business productive.

    We hire motivated people with a broad set of technical skills who are ready to build the largest GPU cloud out there and make an impact on the technologies of tomorrow.

    CIO / IT Director - Genesis Automation

    Remote work with significant time spent at an office location is also possible. Genesis Cloud is a cloud software company from the founders of Genesis Mining. As a Genesis company we have the resources needed to start and scale a revolution in cloud computing. At Genesis Cloud no idea is too big to be considered, we think in galaxy scale.

    Genesis Mining Promo Code 2018

    We are a passionate and highly motivated team with the backing and infrastructure for intergalactic growth. Our roots are in hardware accelerated computing, cryptocurrency, and blockchain services. We have some of the largest GPU data centers in the world that we are fusing with modern infrastructure for applications in massive machine learning, rendering, and other hardware accelerated applications.

    We are looking for motivated team members who not only implement but are also willing to take the controls and pilot into the great unknown. Perks include, daily team lunches, language classes, after-work and weekend activities, remote offices, flexible working styles, travel budget for conferences, fresh fruit and snacks, the finest coffee, cold beverages, and Munich beer.

    About this job Job type: Full-time.

    The Genesis Cloud The Genesis Cloud
    The Genesis Cloud The Genesis Cloud
    The Genesis Cloud The Genesis Cloud
    The Genesis Cloud The Genesis Cloud
    The Genesis Cloud The Genesis Cloud

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