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However, how do we handle our hearts when that prodigal returns? On the surface, we quickly acknowledge that we forgive them and move on…but, do we? People in…. Discover the attitudes we must adopt…. Gears Everything God does on the earth, He does through relationship Call us at for more information!

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A revealing study of the connections between nineteenth-century technological fiction and American religious faith. This genre proliferated during the same cultural moment when evolutionary science was dismantling Americans' prevailing, biblically based understanding of human history.

Similar to the science fiction plotlines of writers like Jules Verne and H. Rider Haggard, and anticipating the adventures of Tom Swift some decades later, these novels feature Americans using technology to visit and seize control of remote locales, a trait that has led many scholars to view them primarily as protoimperialist narratives.

Caught in the Gears

Their legacy, however, is more complicated. As they grew in popularity, such works became as concerned with the preservation of a fraught Anglo-Protestant American identity as they were with spreading that identity across the globe. Many of these novels frequently assert the Bible's authority as a historical source. Collectively, such stories popularized the notion that technology and travel might essentially "prove" the Bible's veracity--a message that continues to be deployed in contemporary debates over intelligent design, the teaching of evolution in public schools, and in reality TV shows that seek historical evidence for biblical events.

The Gears Of Faith The Gears Of Faith
The Gears Of Faith The Gears Of Faith
The Gears Of Faith The Gears Of Faith
The Gears Of Faith The Gears Of Faith
The Gears Of Faith The Gears Of Faith
The Gears Of Faith The Gears Of Faith

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