The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1)

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Patrick Carnes writes in his book, The Betrayal Bond :. These occur when a victim bonds with someone who is destructive to him or her. You may even try to explain and help them understand what they are doing — convert them into non-abusers. You may even blame yourself, your defects, your failed efforts…these attachments cause you to distrust your own judgment, distort your own realities and place you at even greater risk. The great irony? You are bracing yourself against further hurt. The result? A guarantee of more hurt. As Carnes notes, the emotional investment we have built in our relationship with the gaslighter is what keeps us hoping for a return on our investment.

Yet the more we invest, the more we inevitably risk. This is when, not only are your claims dismissed and denied, the fact that you brought them up in the first place make you somehow defective, abnormal or incompetent. This effectively silences and shames the child for speaking up in the first place, discounting the impact of their traumatic childhood. The sexual predator? Shaming is powerful because it taps into the deepest core wounds of childhood. It reminds you when you were once voiceless — and it repeats the destructive cycle by regurgitating old belief systems of unworthiness.

When we feel unworthy, we are less likely to speak out or counter injustice in empowering ways by advocating for ourselves — which is why we tend to rationalize, minimize and deny gaslighting behavior and blame ourselves.

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Malignant narcissists take it one step further when it comes to their victims; they engage in concrete actions that pathologize and discredit their partners. While they can also do this through a smear campaign, the most covert predators tend to use more underhanded methods to come out on top. A victim whose credibility is weakened serves as ammunition for an abuser, because the abuser is able to evade accountability for his or her actions by claiming that the victim is unhinged, unstable, and pursuing some form of vendetta against the abuser.

According to them:.

On the Origins of “Gaslighting” - Los Angeles Review of Books

The most covert gaslighters manufacture scenarios that drive their victims over the edge while erasing any trace of their involvement. They exploit existing vulnerabilities in the victims, such as past traumas, addictions and mental health issues.

Gather 'round the Gaslight

They create chaos so that the victim reacts and they are able to use the reactions of their victims against them sometimes even going so far as to videotaping their reactions while failing to provide the context of their abusive behavior. They may even coerce their victims to take drugs or push them over the edge when their victims are feeling suicidal from the impact of the long-term psychological terrorism they have endured. This is all done with the dual purpose of gaslighting the victim into thinking he or she is the crazy one — and of gaslighting society into thinking that they, the abuser, is actually the victim instead.

They use the vulnerabilities their victims disclosed to them early in the relationship against them to retraumatize them and shame them into feeling that no one would believe them if they spoke out. The noise malignant narcissists create instead refocuses on attacking the credibility of the victim rather than addressing their own crimes.

An expert gaslighter can even drive his or her victim to suicide. What does gaslighting look like in day to day conversations? It usually involves some form of the following:.

Malignant repetition of falsehoods. As noted previously, repeating a lie frequently enough can become a way to reinforce and cement it as truth. Whether these lies are seemingly innocuous or potentially damaging, they can overwrite existing perceptions. Minimizing the impact or severity of the abuse. This is when the gaslighter has committed a serious offense against you and instead of acknowledging it, minimizes the impact the abuse had on you or the gravity of the abuse.

Tell-tale signs someone is minimizing verbal, emotional or even physical abuse may sound something like:.

Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton at the Playground Theatre

Common examples include:. Withholding information and stonewalling — The abuser is unwilling to engage in the conversation at all and often shuts down the conversation any time a claim is made against him or her about their behavior. This might look like:. Triangulation is the act of bringing in another person into the dynamic of a toxic interaction. While we usually talk about triangulation in the context of manufacturing love triangles, when it is used in gaslighting, it can manifest quite differently.

For example, in the movie Gaslight , the conniving husband is able to bring in his maids one by one to confirm that a small painting which he deliberately misplaced was not in fact, moved by them.

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This enables him to pretend that his wife has moved the portrait, though she has no recollection of doing so. The gaslighter diverts the focus from his or her behavior onto the perceived character traits of the victim or the stability of the relationship. Healing from gaslighting can take time and support. It requires distance and space from the abuser in order to reconnect to your reality and get grounded in what you actually felt and experienced.

Here are some tips on how to get started:.

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The good news is, repetition can go the other way: we can repeat the truth until we finally believe in it, and ourselves again. Keep a list of general statements or a record of incidents of abuse that you can refer to in times of self-doubt. This will help ground you back into your own reality and rewire your thinking so that you are no longer focused on the falsehoods fed to you by the abuser. Seek self-validation and let go of your need to gain validation from the abuser. Abusive people are far too invested in their own agendas to ever validate your reality or confirm incidents of abuse.

That is why it is important to establish No Contact or Low Contact a minimum amount of contact in cases of co-parenting with the abuser so you can get the necessary distance from your abuser to regroup and reemerge from the warped world created by this toxic person. Find a mental health professional who is trauma-informed, knowledgeable about malignant narcissism and understands the dynamics of covert violence.

Regaining your voice in a setting where you can be validated and listened to is essential to the healing journey. Some survivors may also benefit from telling their stories to other survivors, who know what it is like to be gaslighted and can resonate with their experiences. Director: Thorold Dickinson. Writers: Patrick Hamilton from the stage play by , A.

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The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1) The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1)
The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1) The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1)
The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1) The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1)
The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1) The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1)
The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1) The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1)
The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1) The Gaslight Journal (The Gaslight Series Book 1)

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