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To share Live Photos:. Otherwise, choose Message or iCloud Photo Sharing so they can see your moving picture. The Live Photo you sent will have the Live icon in the upper left corner.

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To share Live Photos to Facebook:. Tap the Live Photo you want to share. Each time you post a Live Photo to Facebook, you have to turn on the Live part of the photo, or it will share as a still. Tap Post. To do this, they can either use 3D Touch if available on their device or tap and hold the Live Photo to play the three-second video. You have two main choices: Bounce and Loop. Live Wallpapers appear as still wallpapers until you activate 3D Touch or tap and hold the screen, bringing the Live Wallpaper to life. She lives in an RV full-time with her mom, Jan and dog, Jodi as they slow-travel around the country.

View the discussion thread. Skip to main content. A n invaluable "how to" book for anyone planning to get started playing live on the gigging circuit. Covering everything from putting a band together to finding agents, managers, lawyers, accountants, promoters, and road crews, this is the ultimate manual for survival on the road. Using sample expense sheets, Playing Live , shows where the money comes from Everything from concerts, radio and television, to merchandising, sponsorship and how to assemble your road crews.

A step-by-step guide to making a career in rock music whilst avoiding being shafted at every turn. I'm using the Mackie ProFX22 mixer for a 5-piece classic rock band. That mixer has 2 aux sends.

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We send one to the drummer's in-ear monitor and the other is sent to a pair of stage monitors. The singer would like to use a wireless in-ear system. Only 2 aux sends but 3 monitor setups. Can a Send be split 2 ways - one to the stage monitors and one to the singer? One wouldn't have control over those two monitor mixes, but otherwise is that a workable solution? I could not look for any more.

You have just touched on every point that I wanted to know. Thanks for the very insightful, educative, and insightful post that is useful for every sound setup in a church. Using an optional microphone connected to its RTA input, its AutoEQ function can be employed to listen to your room and automatically EQ it for optimized speaker performance.

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The AFS advanced feedback suppression feature is designed to eliminate feedback while preserving the sound of your system. In addition to automated functions, the DriveRack has integrated dbx compression and limiting as well as both a graphic and 8-band parametric EQ section. It also features driver alignment delays and a crossover section that supports full range, 2-way, and 3-way systems.

Have anyone have any recommendations for overhead monitors over a small stage? I have no room for floor wedges, I will appreciate any suggestion from hands-on experience. The speaker utilizes two amplifiers for the high and low frequency drivers. Location presets let you optimize performance for stand and bracket mounting as well as flown installations. The Air12 ships with a power cord. I don't know much about these except they are definitely for the big boys and they weigh alot. I was wanting to sell them does anyone know what they would be worth and what site I could post them.

Not for sure on the age of them but they are in good shape but cabinets show a little wear but not bad. Great article. I am an industrial design student and currently working on researching further audio and visual equipment for my thesis. I grew up working under my father's audio rental system. From small parties to sold out concerts and still learning, Anyway I'm wondering what common problems do you guys come across with audio equipment that could be addressed better with design?


I have been tasked with refining sound equipment at a small-medium church. Currently all the speakers are active speakers mains, sub, wedge monitors. I've read that passive speaker setup is better for permanent installations such as churches. All the equipment is relatively new and in great working condition. Do you think it is worth it to switch to passive setup? Are there any big drawbacks to using an active speaker system in a permanent install besides the hassle of turning the switching on and off for every speaker? If you are relatively happy with your present gear and the way it sounds and performs, why upgrade now?.

I would advise waiting until there is a compelling need. I do FoH for a smaller church and we went from passive to active about five years ago as it just saves a lot of hassle. By moving from passives to QSC K-series speakers we were able to rid ourselves of racks of amplifiers, associated power snakes and the hassles they brought.

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It all sounds and works great. Bill wrote:. Bill, can you please expand on this signal sensing? I've never heard of this feature. I did a Google search and couldn't find any information on it either. Four seperate aux sends for powered stage floor monitors. Check the wired connections at the sub and the receiver to ensure that the conections are "in phase". I was using 2 12inch active Mackie srm with alto small mixer in a pub.

But the sound was not loud as it could be the carpets and the curved wall structures? So what can I do to make it more loud for people in the same place? We were using 2 electro - acoustic guitars, bass guitar and cajun with 2 vocals. Are the speakers up on stands? Have you tried an EQ?. Many thanks, great article. I have not used these mixers, but if you feel you would like to use separate mixers, instead of one, then go ahead. Seems more difficult to me.


Is it a "pain" to connect 2 power mixers together? I would like to set-up karaoke system at home use only or max tto entertain 15 to 20 people in small function hall.

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  5. Now I want to upgrade my speakers as i dont see sound is not that rich. I have below concerns can someone please help me out. I am not sure what your budget might be, but here's a good place to start:. The speaker utilizes a a bi-amplified ported design with a class D amplifier that delivers Watts peak Watts continuous into a 8" low-frequency woofer with a 2" voice coil electronically crossed over at 2.

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    This combination delivers a frequency response of 75 to 20, Hz and a maximum SPL of dB at 1 m. Hi, Really interesting piece, I have very limited eperience in this area but been tasked with reviewing our soical clubs systems which is very old and had numerous addons. Our hall is 30m x 15m high cieling height of roughly6m.

    My goal is a system that will provide quality sound for mainly microphone, TV. But if you send us this question via e-mail with more details regarding approximate budget range, floorplan, activities, audienc, etc. I am running sound for a small communitry center I have a huge board and I want to learn to read it properly.

    How To Improve Your Stage Presence

    Everthing is allready set up snake and boxes I can set up the stage but the bosr is confusing is there a standard way of learning how to read aboard? The first thing to remember about mixers is to not look at it as a whole, but as a series of individual channels. I am needing to run sound for a 5 piece classic rock band for a festival this summer. It is an outdoor event on a raised stage 3 ft. I need some setup advice on how to setup my complete live sound system.

    I have a Behringer PMP analog mixer. A 12 channel snake. I also have a Crown 2 channel amp watts x 2.

    The Complete Guide To Playing Live The Complete Guide To Playing Live
    The Complete Guide To Playing Live The Complete Guide To Playing Live
    The Complete Guide To Playing Live The Complete Guide To Playing Live
    The Complete Guide To Playing Live The Complete Guide To Playing Live
    The Complete Guide To Playing Live The Complete Guide To Playing Live
    The Complete Guide To Playing Live The Complete Guide To Playing Live
    The Complete Guide To Playing Live The Complete Guide To Playing Live
    The Complete Guide To Playing Live The Complete Guide To Playing Live

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