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One of these is kingship. The second half of the tale deals largely with Egyptian ideas of kingship and the connection between divinity and the pharaoh. That Bata's wife ultimately ends up pregnant with him is a reference the duality of the role of women in pharaonic succession; the roles of wife and mother were often simultaneous. Also, the divine aspect of his wife's creation could be seen to serve as legitimacy for the kingship of Bata, especially since he was not actually the child of the pharaoh.

Beyond this, Bata's closeness with the Ennead in the middle of the story also serves to legitimize his rule; the gods bestowed divine favor upon Bata in his time of need. There are also several references to the separation of Egypt into two lands. Throughout ancient Egyptian history, even when the country is politically unified and stable, it is acknowledged that there are two areas: Lower Egypt , the area in the north including the Nile Delta , and Upper Egypt , the area to the south.

In the beginning of the story, Bata is referred to as unique because there was "none like him in the entire land, for a god's virility was in him. There are several issues to consider when analyzing ancient Egyptian literature in general, and the Tale of Two Brothers is no different. One difficulty of analyzing the literature of ancient Egypt is that "such scarcity of sources gives to the observation of any kind of historical development within Ancient Egyptian literature a highly hypothetical status and makes the reconstruction of any intertextual networks perhaps simply impossible.

With relation to the Tale of Two Brothers , Susan Tower Hollis also advocates this approach, saying that the story might "contain reflexes of an actual historical situation. When Merneptah died, Seti II was undoubtedly the rightful heir to the throne, but he was challenged by Amenmesse , who ruled for at least a few years in Upper Egypt, although Seti II ultimately ruled for six full years.

Because of its Egyptian location, it is not impossible to detect in the biblical account of Joseph and Potiphar's wife a later echo of the fable of Bata and Anpu. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the Italian fairy tale, see The Two Brothers.

For other uses, see Two Brothers disambiguation. Tale of Two Brothers. Ian Shaw. Oxford: Oxford University Press, p. Antonio Loprieno. Leiden, The Netherlands: E. Brill, p. Antonio Lopreino. Kaiser, Jr.

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The energy and resources relationships demand may make it a struggle.

I really liked Summer. She's a sweetheart and I felt bad for her because of her circumstances. She has lost her aunt, who has pretty much been her rock. She has had a rocky relationship with her movie star boyfriend. She just turned 18, though she has been an emancipated minor before that point, not having a really close relationship with her mom. While she was sweet and innocent in Loving Summer, in Falling for Summer, she gets a little spicier and sexier, as do her relationships.

The Donovan brothers, well, you couldn't as for two hotter guys, though I am totally team Drew, and I was actually a little disappointed in Nat in this book. Yes, he is sexy and finally gives in to his desires and feelings for Summer, but is he really willing to commit? Has he thought about what this will do to his brother Drew, who he knows loves Summer? Drew, on the other hand, has and is doing everything he can to prove his love and feelings towards Summer. While I do like Summer, I didn't like the way she jumped between guys in this book. First is was her movie star boyfriend, she was making out with Drew and had feelings for him, and then when Nat makes a move, she makes out with him to.

I know she's confused, but this bouncing between brothers is causing problems and when one of them really gets hurt, Summer has to face her feelings, but is it too late to win back the brother she loves?

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As far as the story, while I did like Falling for Summer, I didn't like it nearly as much as I did the first book in the series. It was much sexier, which I liked a lot, and it did have a strong focus on anti-bullying, which was really good.

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The story itself felt a little rushed, there were some minor grammatical errors, which are not usually seen in Gow's books, and it just didn't live up to the standards I usually see it Kailin Gow's writing. That said, I will still continue reading the series. I love the new adult contemporary romances that are coming out, and I will be looking forward to see what happens with the Donovan brothers in the next book in the series.

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Dec 27, Jennifer rated it really liked it. I enjoy reading books by Kailin Gow. It is my weakness. Falling for Summer has many great qualities. Aunt Sookie died and everyone deals with it differently. Nat and Drew have fallen for Summer. They have feelings for her and it is quite intense.

Plus there is still the movie actor who adores Summer.

There is the issue of Bullying that Kailin handles in a very appropriate I enjoy reading books by Kailin Gow. There is the issue of Bullying that Kailin handles in a very appropriate way. It is a big topic that plagues our society. Summer is being bullyed after Aunt Sookie dies. Summer has inherited the acting studio which is being targeted by haters.

Her relationship with her actor boyfriend leaves his fans hating on Summer.

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I like the way Nat steps up and does what he can to stop the bullying. It is a process but it is great to see that Summer doesn't have to be a victim she can be a victor against the bullies. There, I said it.

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He is the one I want Summer to be with. I just don't know if he will man up and go get her. He is torn between family loyalties, his brother loves Summer, college is in San Francisco, he works for his dad's company. He pines for Summer but what does he do about it? He takes one step forward and two steps back.

Very frustrating Nat, very frustrating. She has had to grow up fast now that she is alone. She's taking control of her life but she is torn between all the affections coming her way from these 3 guys that love her. She loves them all but which one does she love the most? She doesn't even know. She has a lot on her plate to deal with.

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She is strong and I would like to see her stand on her own for awhile without the romantic advances. Kailin writes great stories. That is a given. No matter is she is writing fantasy or reality. It is all good. This is definitely worth reading. If you have read the first book then you have probably taken the time to read this already.

Loving Two Brothers Loving Two Brothers
Loving Two Brothers Loving Two Brothers
Loving Two Brothers Loving Two Brothers
Loving Two Brothers Loving Two Brothers
Loving Two Brothers Loving Two Brothers
Loving Two Brothers Loving Two Brothers
Loving Two Brothers Loving Two Brothers
Loving Two Brothers Loving Two Brothers

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