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When decorating at home, choosing a new item of clothing, or even taking notes at work or school — different colours bring out different sides of our personalities. These colouring pencils are a good way to explore the contours of your emotional life whilst making plans and reflecting on your feelings. This website uses cookies to give you the best possible experience. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used.

Privacy Policy. Wish list View basket 0 Search Search. The Psychology of Colour Pencil Set A box of twelve colouring pencils, with an accompanying booklet about the psychology of colour, explaining the association between colours and moods. This box knows that colours are connected to the chords of our souls.

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Twelve coloured pencils definition booklet buckram finish box. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. There is drafting film, pastel mat, suede mat, Velour, wood and clay panels and the list goes on. What I do is try different kits that offer different techniques and surfaces and when I'm done with that project, I have learned something new and if I liked that project I then purchase the supplies used for that kit to have and start building my very own supply closet.

Ok, cabinet! Is exactly that. Ok not really. Now, the items you will want and need to work on a project will vary from project to project. Get the short list items before you start.

Real Time Drawing of Skin tone in Colored Pencils -- Shane Dawson

You will need at the very least those items. Other Items in your work space. Lighting is key! If you can get natural lighting that is best. If you are lucky enough to have a desk near a window that's awesome. Otherwise you should have some good lighting. I have an old fashioned tree lamp with bulbs that I can turn on and off individually which is great but boy does that get a little warm under the collar!

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So there are many other lights on the market and one brand is Ott light. I have a medium size light that sits on my desk and I love mine.

9 Interesting Colored Pencil Facts You Probably Didn't Know

They come in floor lamp style and a small clip on. I would suggest reading reviews to see what price point and type of lighting would works for you. A drawing board is not a necessity for some people because some people like to draw on an easel.

You can also draw on your desk or a clip board but a drawing board is good to have for taping your paper down. I actually found a large plastic cutting board that worked well for a time. After a while I realized I needed to lift my board for the proper angle. This will help with the view and how you see your subject. It made a big difference for me. My final thoughts regarding coloring books. Coloring books can provide a few things besides making you feel like a kid again.

They can offer you inspiration, They can offer you a place to practice light blending techniques of pencils keeping in mind this is not quality paper and will not take many layers They can offer you a place to try other pencil brands and see how your colors will look. They are useful and fun to practice in while you are learning and taking your colored pencil art to the next level. Copyright is a serious subject.

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Many people don't realize how serious. You can be sued if you copy someone's work. In my group, we always require reference information on ALL posting of artwork. Contrary to what you heard, and what you think you know on the subject, it is STILL copyright infringement even if you are not selling the work. It is a misconception that if you are not selling the work, or making money, it is OK. That could not be further from the truth. You MIST always have permission to use the photo or reference if it was not taken by you. There is a mind boggling amount of information online.

Not all is correct.

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Be sure you know where're your reference photo comes from. Take your own whenever possible. If you are part of my Facebook group, we have hundreds and hundreds of copyright free photos from members,. There are also many great copyright free sites like Pixabay and Shutterstock that offer free photos.

Colored pencil

Some will require a small fee. It is not worth the risk! Know where your reference comes from and make sure you have permission. Silhouettes are fun and easy. They can be an easy introduction into original colored pencil work. Pan Pastel is a soft pastel in a handy tub that is easy to use and produces beautiful results. With the tools included in the sets used to apply the pastel makes using this medium as easy as panting! What I love most about Pan Pastel is the way they work with colored pencil.

You can layer Pan Pastel on your paper and use colored pencil for detail work. You can even use their tools to create skinny lines and get into corners but in combination with colored pencil your creativity is endless! Here you can find tutorials, instructor links, inspiration links, face book groups and supply resources. Come join the fun! We are a growing group of artists of all levels sharing what we know.


Even beginners have tips and suggestions. Come share them here. Daily updates with new tips, resources, videos, articles, and inspiration. Post your work and ask for advice if your having an issue. Join and just look around if your the quiet type.

Life in Colored Pencil Life in Colored Pencil
Life in Colored Pencil Life in Colored Pencil
Life in Colored Pencil Life in Colored Pencil
Life in Colored Pencil Life in Colored Pencil
Life in Colored Pencil Life in Colored Pencil
Life in Colored Pencil Life in Colored Pencil

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