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Seguici su. Contenuto da cercare. Cittadini Imprese e Media Toggle navigation. Cittadini Imprese e Media. My delegation is confident that, under your guidance and leadership, we will be able to succeed in strengthening the Programme of Action and improving its implementation. My delegation fully subscribes to the statement pronounced yesterday by the European Union.

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Allow me, however, to present some remarks in a national capacity. Madam Chair, Eleven years after the adoption of the UN Programme of Action, the illicit trade of Small Arms and Light Weapons remains a cause for concern for the international community. We know too well that such trade is fuelling violence, instability and enormous human suffering in many parts of the world. Very few of the plots were at an advanced stage, and none of the attacks caused fatalities.

The only partially successful attack occurred in in Milan at the Santa Barbara Carabinieri Station when Mohammed Game attempted to detonate a rudimental device, but only he and a guard were ultimately injured. Except for the Ponte Felcino case in which investigators confiscated chemical substances allegedly meant for chemical warfare, g since no weapons or explosive devices were found in any of the Islamist terrorism plots thwarted by authorities.

In addition to the jihadi activity detailed above, there have been hundreds of arrests and deportations linked to terrorism investigations since Italian Foreign Fighters Before the recent wave of departures to Syria and Iraq, a few dozen foreign fighters had left Italy for theaters of jihad in the Balkans in the s and in Iraq following the breakout of the war in By contrast, Italian foreign fighters joining the Islamic State have not necessarily been frequent mosque-goers. Their radicalization process mostly occurred online, and their ties with international actors were established through virtual communities.

Overall, social marginalization does not seem to be a notable driver of foreign fighter mobilization, as most fighters have been employed and at least outwardly integrated. Born in Morocco in , el-Abboubi grew up in a small mountain town near Brescia. His family was integrated and respected in the local community, and Anas aspired to become a famous rapper. After radicalizing online, he created the Italian branch of Sharia4Italy, establishing contacts with other Western and international jihadis. Another prominent Italian foreign fighter in Syria is Maria Giulia Sergio Fatima , a convert from the Naples area residing in Milan who became radicalized online through Skype conversations with Haik Bushra, a female university student in Bologna.

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Underground recruitment was carefully planned and selective. Further, while plots to strike Italy existed, terrorist cells mostly gathered intelligence and resources destined for terrorist operations perpetrated abroad. The Islamic State has made direct threats to Italy more frequently than other jihadi terrorist organizations now or in the past.

It is true that in and bin Ladin himself threatened retaliation against U. Italy has not been conducting active airstrikes like the United Kingdom and France nor has the country flown reconnaissance sorties as Germany has. While not all these threats are designed to explicitly single out Italy, they serve to heighten the threat to the country.

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The Islamic State has been animated by a prophecy attributed to the Prophet Mohammed that predicts the conquest of Rome by Islamic armies near the end of time. The growing number of Islamic State attacks on Christians around the world and past plots targeting the Vatican suggest the Eternal City will continue to be a target. Rome has been mentioned several times by the leaders of the Islamic State. This is His promise to us. In the same vein, in February , the Islamic State released a video of the beheading of 21 Egyptian Copts on a Libyan beach.

Italy has so far only been involved in logistical support to recognized anti-Islamic State forces. Maybe it will be in London or Berlin or Rome. This is true of Italy, even though the available evidence suggests these clusters are smaller and more localized than those that centered on extremist proselytizers such as Khalid al-Zerkani in Brussels, 82 Abu Walaa in northwest Germany, 83 and Anjem Choudary in London. Several small clusters of extremists have been detected in Lombardy and Veneto, making these regions arguably the epicenter of pro-Islamic State activity in Italy.

One influential radicalizer was Musa Cerantonio, an Australian imam of Italian origin who preached in Brescia and Bergamo in August Another radical preacher was Bilal Bosnic, a Bosnian linked to the Islamic State who previously toured northern Italy to recruit combatants for the Syrian front. Bosnic preached in mosques in the cities of Pordenone, Cremona, and Bergamo in July Through the help of one of his acolytes, Ajhan Veapi, Bosnic reportedly indoctrinated and recruited Ismar Mesinovic and Minifer Karameleski, two Balkan workers residing in the town of Belluno in Veneto.

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After reaching Syria in December , Mesinovic was killed while fighting, and Karameleski is still presumed to be there. Investigators believe the cell aspired to launch attacks in Venice because in one intercepted conversation they mentioned the attaining of paradise by bombing the Rialto Bridge. Italian authorities have detected more recruitment activity for the Islamic State in Lombardy than any other region. Although they are not believed to still be active, 96 there were four clusters in Lombardy linked to jihadi groups, including the Islamic State in Syria, which caused Italian security services particular concern.

One was the Cologno Monzese cluster, which was formed by a dozen Syrian citizens who radicalized following the breakout of the Syrian civil war. Another was the Inzago cluster, which gravitated around female Italian convert Fatima, her husband Kobuzi, and their two extended families. After converting herself and her family to Islam in , Fatima left for Syria with her husband in During her stay in the caliphate, she has been allegedly trained to manage weapons and has fiercely pressured her family to move to Syria.

Arne Gericke ECR. Zusammenarbeit der Mitgliedstaaten ist hier ganz wichtig. Rohstoffe sind nur ein ganz kleiner Teil davon.