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When can I collect my kitten from the breeder? Is it better to have one or two Tonks? Is it best to have two boys, two girls or one of each? I have an old cat, would a kitten be suitable? What should I have ready at home for my new kitten? What should I do if my kitten falls ill soon after I bring it home? What should I do if I need to report a problem breeder? If a mature cat would be better for me, where can I find one? The advice relates to the UK but is generally relevant. There are always risks when buying an expensive 'item' from an individual rather than a shop. When buying animals, in this case kittens, it is preferable to buy from the breeder in order to see how the kittens behave in a home environment, how they are cared for by the breeder and ideally how the kittens mother looks and behaves.

It is important to know that the kitten comes from a clean, healthy and caring environment. I strongly advise that you never buy kitten from a pet shop. In the case of pedigree cats, the GCCF rules prohibit breeders from selling their kittens through pet shops - so if you see one in a shop you know that it has not come from a reputable breeder. Bear in mind that this is not a commodity you are buying. Being highly intelligent, it's a real pleasure to share a home with a Tonkinese because they make sure there is never a dull moment when they are around.

The Tonkinese is in fact thought to be one of the oldest breeds on the planet, although it was not until s that the breed was recreated. At the time they were known as the "Chocolate Siamese". Although many people believe the breed came about by crossing the Burmese with the Siamese, it is thought that all three breeds are in fact, unique in their own right and that they are genetic cousins. The difference being in their coat textures and colours as well as their eye colour.

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They were first developed in the west in the late s when a "chocolate royal Siamese cat" was imported to the States from Singapore. However, it was not until the s that Dr Joseph C Thompson decided to prove that a Tonkinese cat called Wong Mau owed her colouring to two specific genetic factors.

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He then established a breeding programme to create the Burmese. As such, the foundation breed for the Burmese was a Tonkinese cat and it was proved that Wong Mau did indeed boast having the characteristics of two breeds of cat instead of just the one. As time passed a Tonkinese kitten would appear in Burmese and Siamese litters with one of the most famous being Casa Gatos Da Foong, a cat that boasted a very complex pedigree which included the Burmese, Siamese and Tonkinese.

During the s Milar Greer crossed a Burmese with the Siamese and produced cats with a distinct, intermediate coat colour and pattern. To begin with they were known as "Golden Siamese". However, at the time not much interest was shown in the breed and these charming and attractive cats were totally forgotten when the breeder gave up. Luckily, during the s more interest was shown in these unusual cats which were then renamed "Tonkinese". A breed standard was drawn up and after this their popularity started to increase as more cats were exhibited at cat shows all over the country.

The breed was accepted by the majority of the international breed clubs over the following years. However, the solid and pointed Tonkinese was only granted Championship status in Today, more of these charming cats are being bred and registered thanks to the fact that Tonkinese cats boast being so attractive and because they are known to be intelligent, affectionate and playful which makes sharing a home with one such a pleasure.

The Tonkinese is an exceptionally attractive medium sized, well-balanced looking cat that boasts an athletic, lithe appearance and exceptional sparkling eyes. Their heads are a modified wedge that's slightly rounded being a little longer than it is wide.

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They have beautiful high cheekbones and quite blunt muzzles that are as long as they are wide. Cats have a slight whisker break which is gently curved and they have a slight stop found at eye level. When seen in profile the tip of a cat's chin is in line with the tip of their nose, being on the same vertical plane. There's also a slight rise from a cat's nose stop to their forehead.

They have medium sized ears that boast oval tips being broader at the base and set as far on the side of a cat's head as they are on the top of it. The hair on their ears is close-lying and short so that leathers show through. Their eyes are open and almond shaped being slanted from the cheekbones to the outer edge of a cat's ears.

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The Tonkinese boasts having extremely brilliant coloured eyes. They have medium length, well-developed, muscular, svelte, compact bodies that are extremely well proportioned. Their legs are slender, long and nicely in proportion with the rest of a cat's body with their back legs being longer than their front ones. They have quite oval shaped paws with five toes on their front ones and only four on the back paws. Tails are moderately long and in proportion with the body tapering to the tip.

When it comes to their coat, the Tonkinese boasts having a medium to short, close lying coat that's extremely fine and silky to the touch and which always has a lovely sheen to it.

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The colour of a cat's body takes around 16 months to fully develop and it darkens as cats grow older. Point colours are found on a cat's mask, ears, feet and tail, but this merges smoothly into their body colour. However, in kittens their points are connected by tracings. The accepted breed colours are as follows:. Like other breeds, the Tonkinese likes a routine in their lives and doesn't particularly like it when this changes for any reason. They like to be fed at the same time of the day and don't appreciate it when furniture gets moved around the home which can stress them out.

With this said, they are known to be quite gregarious by nature and adore being around people. They also have a sense of humour and like to keep their owners entertained. They don't like to be left on their own for any length of time which means they are best suited to families where at least one person stays at home when everyone else is out of the house.

They are quite talkative by nature and will happily hold a long conversation with their owners whenever they can. They adore being able to explore the great outdoors, but cats should only be allowed to roam outside if it is safe for them to do so. The good news is they adapt well to living as indoor pets as long as they are given enough stimulation and things to do to keep them occupied. They are often referred to as being more dog-like than other breeds with one of the favourite pass times being to follow an owner around from room to room so they can be with them and keep an eye on what they are doing.


The Tonkinese is a highly intelligent cat and one that can be taught to do all sorts of tricks. One male kitten. Could easily keep him! Beautiful, gentle temperaments. He is exceptional, already plays without claws and has a massively loud purr! Big purr and very playful. Toilet trained and a great little companion! Happy to keep them longer as they are stil.

Gorgeous chocolate Tonkinese kittens, come with first vaccination, microchipped, wormed and baby blanket.

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Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat
Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat
Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat
Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat
Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat
Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat
Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat
Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat Guide to Owning a Tonkinese Cat

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