Encouraging Early Sports Skills

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It gives you the opportunity to discuss the importance of active living and healthy habits. I strongly encourage her to participate with energy and try to do her best. I remind her that the most important grade is the one for participation and effort.

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That seems to reduce the stress and anxiety that she associates with being graded. I also remind her to think of the class activities as personal bests PBs and not to compare herself to others. One of the best and most effective things you can do for your child is to set the example. Emphasize that you too enjoy doing your best. Also, take the time to walk to school, the grocery store, or work to set the stage for physical activity in your daily routine.

Do things with your kids and show them that you enjoy it, for instance, biking to the library, walking the family dog, going for a swim, or geocaching together. Encourage your child to share.

Encouraging Early Sports Skills

It helped them to understand how a reluctant PE student feels, and it offers a different perspective on what a PE class could look like. The process of sharing her feelings helped to increase her overall confidence, because she felt her opinion mattered. Team sports and competition have their place and work for some kids it certainly should not be the only focus! And I always always reinforce that their grade is based on participation, effort, attitude, respect and responsibility first and only a small portion is based on skill. Your daughter is lucky to have a mother encouraging her to be active and I hope she will find a PE teacher that will do so as well!

Your email address will not be published. October 25, , No Comments. November 1, , No Comments. But young children learn October 14, , No Comments. This is a tough rule for players to learn at an early age but one that is gradually taught nonetheless. Injuries happen.

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There will be missed foul calls. Parents will arrive at the wrong stadium and their child will miss the game. One single player that deviates from this and only cares about their own points or other statistic is enough to derail a team. Players will learn that their best chance of success will be through cooperation with their teammates and that this is the same on the court, in the classroom, or professionally.

Players will experience the emotions that come with these obstacles and failures and will learn how to push through them and not quit when it gets tough. Teach your players that when times get tough and they feel like quitting to stop looking too far ahead and start thinking step-by-step.

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Then it comes back to consistent hard work and being patient. Depending on age, most youth sports players have a lot of commitments that they must juggle. Attending school, homework, sports, family, friends, employment, and possibly other activities. This leads to an overly packed schedule for most players.

The only way to get it all done is to prioritise and manage your time efficiently. As players get old enough to start managing their own time, I encourage parents to allow their children to start developing time management skills by planning their days themselves. Through their youth sports journey players will learn the importance of respecting those around them. Not just their coaches and the referees, but also their teammates, the opposition, and everyone else involved.

For this respect to be instilled in players, there must be consequences for acting in a disrespectful manner like putting down a teammate or mocking an opponent. A few ways players can show respect is by not talking when someone else is talking, shaking hands with the opponents and referees after the game, and retrieving the basketball for the referee when it goes out of bounds.

Coaches must make it clear that there are only two things that players can control at all times: their effort and attitude. Not as athletic as one of your teammates? Work on anticipating where the pass will be made or where the rebound will land. Think you got fouled when you turned the ball over? Get back on defense and contest the shot. Missed an open shot? It happens! The only thing you can do about it now is get after the rebound or get back on defense.

Move on and focus on the things you can control. Without taking away from the competitiveness of the sport, coaches must understand that the life lessons learned by players on their youth sports journey are much more important than the final score of a basketball game.

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Body language speaks volumes. How to control emotions. Setting and achieving goals. Success requires hard work. Success requires sacrifice.

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Know your strengths and weaknesses. Being healthy is important. You must discipline yourself. How to deal with pressure and stress. Together everyone achieves more.

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There will be tough times. How to manage time efficiently. Respect everyone. Focus on what you can control. Exclusive Bonus!

Encouraging Early Sports Skills Encouraging Early Sports Skills
Encouraging Early Sports Skills Encouraging Early Sports Skills
Encouraging Early Sports Skills Encouraging Early Sports Skills
Encouraging Early Sports Skills Encouraging Early Sports Skills
Encouraging Early Sports Skills Encouraging Early Sports Skills
Encouraging Early Sports Skills Encouraging Early Sports Skills

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