Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio)

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Double weave is a most magical weave structure.

How can two layers, or more, weave at the same time! It is a great book, but check out the errata before you start. Also the Saori four shaft loom is a sinking shed loom not a jack or rising loom which most publications have their weaving drafts written for. Dominique came along and showed us just what the Saori loom can do in creating very large lengths of cloth as a bedspread woven on the thread pre-wound warp which is 60 cms wide and joined to make a lively cloth.

Once the blocking pin is in place to stabilize the cams, you need to use four twist-ties to make a secure bundle of the heddles before you remove them from a shaft! Now when you unhook an upper shaft bar at that side, its cord will stay in place. In addition to the suggestion by Louet, I also placed a knitting needle through all the cords connecting the lam to the lower shaft bar roughly in the middle of each cord.

That helped to keep the lower cord from dropping underneath the treadles!

Do That Doubleweave - Learn the Basics of Doubleweaving

Thanks, Sandra. I stand corrected….

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However, after I re-installed the blocking pin, I decided to try another tie-up. Well… I did find that one of the tie-up cords was in the second-to-last serviceable hole at the treadle attachment screw.

And, another tie-up cord was also in the second-to-last serviceable hole near the lam attachment hitch. I need a brighter light when I crawl under the loom, apparently! In the photo below, I have installed the blocking pin in the cams, and all shafts and lams are even so clearly, the shaft cords are the correct length — a good question to ask, though, since I had unhooked each shaft initially to add 25 heddles to each.

Double Weave - Deanna Baugh - Pioneer Craft House

I LOVE the knitting needle trick for that! Hello from the Arizona desert! I think I can answer a couple of your questions, however.

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First, I believe Jane is referring to doubleweave as a technique to increase the weaving width of a blanket, for example. This is where two layers are woven at once; they can be connected at either selvedge or both, which creates a tube such that the project will unfold to double its weaving width once off the loom. For starters, Jennifer Moore is an expert in the area of doubleweave here in the US. She did a wonderful minute introduction to doubleweave in this video:. While print copies of back issues can be ridiculously expensive, the digital edition is available quite reasonably:.

I followed the project and really got to learn what doubleweave is and how it can be used to advantage.

Doubleweave (The Weaver's Studio)

The 3. Hopefully, others can speak to your question about your yarn of choice and the proper sett and which reed would be most suitable for your blanket. I hope all this helps your understanding of doubleweave just a bit — good luck with your project!

Double Weave

Fastening with elastics to the raddle and the other end to the screw eyes looks likes a quick way to tie up the Texsolv cord each time! Specialty techniques are shown for 4-shaft and 8-shaft looms. The weaving effects covered include lace, tubular weave, pick-up, color mixing, and more. And since doubleweave showcases color and pattern in unique ways, you will learn how to use these to great effect in your cloth designs.

Throughout the book, you will find a wealth of inspiration with many examples of finished cloth and projects, from wall hangings and table runners to scarves and pillows. This is the text that goes with the video tutorial on Doubleweave by Jennifer Moore. Takes you through all the basics of double weave on a four shaft loom.

Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio) Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio)
Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio) Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio)
Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio) Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio)
Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio) Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio)
Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio) Doubleweave (The Weavers Studio)

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