Coven of the Spring

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Jeff Lovell, a Chicago high school writing and literature teacher. While visiting Salem, Massachusetts on a family vacation, Dr. Lovell started pondering what would happen if the witches were really real.

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Spring Equinox and Ostara Ritual – Coven of the Goddess

What powers would they have today? How would they work, how would they survive, how would they stay hidden?

The result is Dr. Intrigued by these powers and hoping to use them for good, Grace.

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Writer Bio : Dr. Jeff Lovell is a native Chicagoan with three degrees from the University of Illinois and a doctorate from Vanderbilt University. Jeff taught high school writing and literature for 33 years and sponsored the school paper, Student Council, and several other activities. He ran the drama program at two high schools, teaching and directing and designing sets, lighting and costumes. Since retiring from education, Jeff has served as a theatre and film critic for a television station and appears frequently to review theatre and literature.

witchcraft coven groups in Silver Spring

It is a sacred South African herb Helichrysum spp with regional variants, used by traditional healers to commune with the ancestors. Imphepho is typically dried and smoldered as an incense. Some South African Pagans are exploring the common paths that link European and African religious traditions, and are respectfully learning from both ancestral streams to create a new and unique synergy of different traditions.

Some believe that this is, in fact, imperative in order to practice Pagan religious traditions that are largely based on foreign systems and the seasonal cycles of the Northern Hemisphere. This re-emergence of old traditions and the re-creation of new traditions of synergy aptly mirrors what is often celebrated at the vernal equinox.

My submission to join the coven that's sewing spring into existence

As is believed, the old must inevitably adapt and give way to new growth; the new can neither forget nor dismiss that from which it evolved. And, both old and new must be of service to that and those who are yet to come. Skip to content GO. Home News U. Scott Karl E. The Wild Hunt is community supported.

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