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25 Popular Science Myths Debunked

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Trying a different Web browser might help. When you see a full moon, the far side is dark. When you see or rather, don't see a new moon, the far side of the moon is bathed in sunlight.

Misconception: Arterial oxygenated blood is red, while venous deoxygenated blood is blue. Science Fact : While some animals have blue blood, humans are not among them.

The red color of blood comes from hemoglobin in red blood cells. Although blood is a brighter red when it is oxygenated, it is still red when it is deoxygenated.

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Veins sometimes look blue or green because you view them through a layer of skin, but the blood inside is red, no matter where it is in your body. But even in the Northern Hemisphere, the North Star is not exceptionally bright.

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The Sun is by far the brightest star in the sky, and te brightest star in the night sky is Sirius. The misconception likely arises from the North Star's use as a handy outdoor compass.

The star is easily located and indicates the northern direction. Lightning can strike one place multiple times.

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The Empire State Building gets struck around 25 times each year. The website has a list of trees to choose from. Participants would check the trees every week or once in two weeks and note down the presence of buds, flowers, unripe and ripe fruits, and young and mature leaves. They would have to create a log-in account to feed the data, including the date and location details, online.

The information would generate a continuous record across the country and help understand the regional variations in flowering and fruiting time for a particular plant species, said Quader. The information, when correlated with data like the rainfall, weather and altitude of a region, would reveal the influence of interannual climate variation on the plant lifecycle. To ascertain the credibility of the data, participants would be encouraged to send photographs of the trees they track.

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This would also help avoid the risks involved in species identification, said Quader. The next step for NCBS researchers is to rope in students. The Central Board of Secondary Education mandates schools to offer a course in environment, in which students have to prepare projects. But very few teachers have the required skill or tools. We are a voice to you; you have been a support to us.

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Common Science
Common Science
Common Science
Common Science
Common Science
Common Science

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