All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2)

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In Game 3, he suddenly looked old and slow and in a series in which paint play and rebounding is paramount, those are neither of his strengths. This is 10 years for Danny Green, 10 years for Serge Ibaka. And if not now for the Raptors, not knowing whether Leonard plans to stick around, when? When the Raptors lost last year or the year before or the year before that, LeBron was always in the way.

That was part of the building optimism that came all season, with the Raptors hanging around the top of the NBA. The roadblock in the conference was gone. Masai Ujiri decided to go for it — and why not? You can take your load management and push it to the side but when the bright lights have come at playoff time, after an excellent season, Leonard has been marvellous.

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He has been beyond what was ever advertised. He brought in Gasol at the deadline. Long before either of those moves, he fired Dwane Casey and promoted the assistant, Nick Nurse. Each move intended to move the needle not just during the season, but in the playoffs. Now there are questions and there are doubts and there are doubters.

Sensors pick up data, data can form patterns, and patterns can reveal unexpected aspects of city living that could be made easier with even more technology. Cities are ripe for this kind of innovation, and if everything went according to plan, Toronto could be branded as a world leader in city building. But the project would also generate vast amounts of valuable data. The big question: Who would benefit most from the redevelopment — the city and its residents and businesses, or the disruptors behind it? Much depended on the exact terms of the deal with Sidewalk.

In unwittingly creating questions about the fairness of the process that gave Alphabet the project, Mr. In the 19 months since the announcement, missteps and gaffes have multiplied, plans have been scaled back and there are calls for the project to be cancelled and the procurement process restarted.

A growing number of people close to the original decision have come forward with concerns, and more than a half-dozen senior leaders and advisers have resigned from Waterfront and Sidewalk, or been fired in direct connection with the project. Concerns about privacy and what Sidewalk would do with the data — which any tech critic would have about any smart-city proposed by any company — have only grown over time.

If they approve it, all three levels of government will still get a final say. But Google and its owner have built an extremely profitable business based on gathering information about people and using it to sell advertising targeted at them. With access to huge pools of data from Quayside, followers of the company believe, it will surely find new ways to create valuable new products. In October , Sidewalk Labs won the right to plan the acre Quayside development at the foot of Parliament Street in Toronto, pending Waterfront Toronto and government approvals expected later this year.

If Sidewalk meets certain goals, it might also be offered the right to. Sidewalk already had detailed plans beyond Quayside, the company made some of those proposed plans public. If Sidewalk meets certain goals, it might also be offered the right to develop further east along the city's Lake Ontario waterfront.

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After media leaks revealed that Sidewalk already had detailed plans beyond Quayside, the company made some of those proposed plans public. The Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corp. At the foot of Parliament Street sits an underused area that Waterfront Toronto largely owns. When a San Francisco-area real estate specialist named Will Fleissig was named CEO in , management wanted to try something new with the land. They floated the idea of a pilot project to attract private investment to generate new approaches to urban planning, likely with new technologies baked in.

The right partner might also be offered a chance to expand across the eastern waterfront if Quayside was a success. Fleissig said in an interview. Before the procurement process for Quayside opened, Waterfront explored the marketplace for potential bidders — including Sidewalk, thanks to a Waterfront employee who used to work in New York and knew its leadership.

Early on, however, Mr. Fleissig raised concerns that have continued to dog the project. The late report looked at how Waterfront Toronto sought bidders, and suggested that a handful of them — singling out Sidewalk — were given an advantage when they received some information before the request-for-proposals process opened in March, Six contenders eventually submitted bids, and three were named finalists.

It is made up of directors appointed by the federal, provincial and municipal governments, and it has a real estate-focused subcommittee. A board meeting scheduled for Oct. Trudeau as well as Alphabet and Sidewalk executives in attendance. The event would fit all of their schedules. Four sources familiar with the process, whom The Globe granted anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly, describe the week prior to the vote as extremely rushed, giving board members insufficient time to review details for such an important project. The board voted to proceed with the agreement on Monday, Oct.

Three members were not available to vote and Ms. Di Lorenzo, who has since become an outspoken critic of the project, was the sole dissenting director. Another person close to the decision said that the directors were not equipped to deal with the depth of technical issues so quickly.

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By 11 a. However, an undated memo from the Privy Council Office obtained through an Access to Information request shows it had a strong interest in Sidewalk winning. The CEO. But four sources close to the decision said the board was unhappy with his leadership. The dissenting director. Julie Di Lorenzo, the sole director to vote against the Quayside project, quit the Waterfront Toronto board as it signed an expanded agreement with Sidewalk Labs in July, She left over concerns that Sidewalk was strong-arming Waterfront Toronto over numerous aspects of the project.

The privacy mastermind. She resigned over concerns her framework, which is considered a global standard, would go unheeded.

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The tech experts. Waterfront Toronto set up a panel of tech experts in to consult on potential technologies for Quayside and elsewhere. Artificial-intelligence expert Darin Graham quietly left a few weeks later. The provincial directors.

With the partnership agreement kept under wraps, the first nine months of the Quayside partnership left the public with a number of questions about the data that future residents of Quayside would generate. Privacy is an obvious concern, though both Sidewalk and Waterfront have promised to go beyond the letter of the law. But data these days is also money. If Sidewalk wanted to load this new community with sensors, how might all that data get used? It uses ground sensors to collect data to identify empty parking spots and directs drivers to them. The goal is to reduce emissions and it has added to civic revenue with an extra 4, parking permits a day.

In Toronto, a small Kitchener-based company, Miovision, has supplied technology that collects data about people, bikes and traffic going through intersections. But Alphabet is not your average company. Along with Facebook, its main competitor in the digital advertising business, Alphabet has faced scrutiny over its role in allowing misinformation on its platforms which include YouTube , along with a growing number of privacy breaches that point to lax protection of personal information.

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All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2) All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2)
All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2) All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2)
All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2) All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2)
All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2) All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2)
All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2) All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2)
All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2) All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2)
All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2) All A Dream (The Toronto Series Book 2)

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